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What the World Needs

From the shoes on our feet to the batteries in our electric cars, from the miracle of modern medicines to wound care and sterilization of instruments in our hospitals, industry is paving the way to make our modern way of life sustainable.

Healthcare and Medications

  • Industry makes the products that helped get our world through the COVID-19 pandemic, from masks, to gowns, to syringes, blood bags and sanitizer, industry did not stop production.  Louisiana's industrial manufacturers also make components of common medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, which go into the popular brands of Tylenol and Advil. 

Construction and Maintenance

  • Louisiana's Industries supply construction and maintenance needs in so many ways.  From growing trees and making glue to pigments and go into paint and concrete, the people of Louisiana industry are working hard.  Even lawncare solutions, fertilizers, and keeping pests at bay, we make it all!


  • Everyone knows that gasoline powers our vehicles and Louisiana's industry makes plenty of gasoline; however, industry also makes the power that is needed to fuel electric vehicles.  From the batter packs to the plastics in the vehicles, Louisiana's industries are part of the solution to make lighter weight, more efficient transportation.

Food Processing and Packaging

  • Louisianans love to cook and eat, and Louisiana's industries make many foods.  In addition to the food, our industries make the packaging materials, the safety products and the technologies necessary to deliver freshness to your table every day.

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