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Schools Better

The future success of our communities begins with education. Industry supports school systems from Pre-K through higher education. From specialized craft training to advanced degrees, Louisiana residents are the heartbeat of our world-class workforce.


  • Louisiana's industrial companies provide scholarships to families and communities pursuing industrial careers. Examples include scholarships for PTEC associates degrees and skilled craft training at Louisiana's community and technical colleges and at the Associated Builders and Contractors Craft Training Centers. Industry also donates to local union organizations to support their craft training programs.


  • Industry donates millions to Louisiana's elementary, middle, and high schools as well as community and technical colleges and universities.  More than $150 million has been donated in recent years to many programs supporting industrial career development at learning institutions across Louisiana.

Steering Education

  • Industry representatives serve on curriculum advisory boards for learning institutions including the Louisiana Community & Technical College System, Board of Regents and private technical and craft training programs.

Student Experiences

  • Industry hires interns in engineering and skilled craft fields and supports numerous teacher training initiatives.  Industry donates equipment and laboratory resources to schools, including chemistry, robotics and hydroponics lab equipment and supplies. Employee volunteers are active in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classroom instruction and activities.

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